10 Dec 2015

Des inventions et des hommes : Les hologrammes en couleurs

15 Feb 2015

As an engineer specializing in lasers, Yves Gentet first worked on holographic targeting systems of the French fighter plane Dassault Rafale. In 1995, he developed a method called Ultimate, which allows the creation of muticolored holograms. It consists of three lasers (red, blue and green) instead of the usual technique of using only a red laser. This novel technique relies on an emulsion of silver particles in a gelatin, which is able to store many more interference fringes than the previous methods due to the silver particles' diameter (a few nanometers). (source Wikipedia)

Yves Gentet's hologram Jean-Marc Sor Butterlies at the MIT Science Museum


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TF1 (French Television) talks about Yves GENTET: "Inventions and Men"


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